Sales Cloud

As implementation experts, here are some of the top use cases that we typically implement for our clients in the areas of Sales Cloud

Lead and Opportunity Management

We work with our clients to customize their Sales Cloud implementation to match their sales process and workflows. This includes designing custom lead and opportunity stages, defining lead and opportunity qualification criteria, and setting up automation to route leads and opportunities to the right sales rep at the right time.

Account and Contact Management

We work with our clients to set up account hierarchies, define custom fields and relationships, and configure automation to ensure that all relevant data is captured and organized in Salesforce.

Sales Collaboration

We work with our clients to set up collaboration tools such as Chatter, configure teams and groups, and define workflows that allow sales teams to work together seamlessly.

Forecasting and Pipeline Management

We work with our clients to set up forecasting hierarchies, define sales quotas, and configure pipeline reports and dashboards to give sales leaders the visibility they need to make informed decisions.

Sales Performance Management

We work with our clients to implement a wide range of sales performance management features, including sales coaching, gamification, and incentives. We configure them to match our clients’ unique sales culture and objectives.

Mobile Sales

We work with our clients to configure mobile apps to ensure that sales reps have access to the information they need, wherever they are.

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