Customer Contract Management (CCM)

In the area of Customer Contract Management we help our clients implement the following use cases.

Contract Creation and Management

We help clients streamline their contract creation and management processes, enabling them to easily create, track, and manage contracts from a centralized location.

Contract Approval Workflow

We provide a configurable contract approval workflow that ensures that contracts are reviewed and approved by the appropriate stakeholders before being executed.

Contract Analytics and Reporting

We enable clients to track and analyze contract performance metrics, including renewal rates, revenue generated, and contract compliance, to optimize their contract management processes.

Contract Lifecycle Management

We enable clients to manage the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to renewal to termination, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Contract Renewal Management

We help clients manage contract renewals effectively, including notification of upcoming renewals, contract negotiation, and renewal execution.

Contract Integration

We integrate the Contract Management solution with other ServiceNow modules, such as IT Asset Management and HR Service Delivery, to provide a comprehensive view of contracts across the organization.

Overall, our Customer Contract Management implementations help clients streamline their contract management processes, reducing risk and improving compliance. With our solutions, clients can expect improved efficiency, increased accuracy, and greater visibility into their contract management processes.

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